State of the Community Meeting

To: All Catalina Owners,

On Saturday, December 5, 2020, at 10:00 a.m., the Catalina Counsel of Co-owners will hold a very important information meeting using Zoom conferencing. The purpose of this “virtual” meeting is to bring all unit owners up to date about what has happened at Catalina, what is currently happening and what is planned.
This meeting was originally scheduled for last month, but it was cancelled when the board held a practice session and came to realize that additional preparation was necessary in order to ensure that all owners could connect to the online meeting using the Zoom application that is available on computers or smart phones.

Please respond to this email to let us know if you are familiar enough with Zoom to feel confident that you will be able to respond to an email invitation to join a Zoom meeting.
If you have not used Zoom or if you are a sporadic user and would like some additional support to make sure that you are able to connect to the meeting, please let us know. Please respond to this email or feel free to call Ricki Mundhenke, Acting secretary of the board, at 858-204-1221. The board is making arrangements to provide technical support to owners in order to make sure that everyone can participate in this meeting.
The current board is committed to transparency, but we have struggled to adjust to the inability to gather for meetings. Our hope is that preparing our owners to hold virtual meetings with Zoom technology will allow us to more regularly communicate interactively with all owners, including those who are non-resident. The meeting on December 5 is a particularly important one, because we have a great deal to share with you. Please respond to this email by answering yes or no to the following questions:
  1. Are you available for the meeting on Saturday, December 5 at 10:00 a.m.?
  2. Are you able to use Zoom to participate?
  3. Would you like individual help ahead of time to learn how to use Zoom?
  4. Zoom can be quirky. Would you like to participate in a short “pre-meeting” or rehearsal a few days earlier in order to practice using Zoom and make sure that you do not miss important information because of running into difficulties connecting on the morning of the meeting?
If we find that too many people will not be available for this date and time, we will consider changing it. Also, let us know if you have particular questions, and we will try to incorporate those into our agenda. This is not just a routine meeting. We have a great deal to share with you, so please make a concentrated effort to attend.
Kind regards,
The Catalina Board of Directors

Today’s Plumbing Repair

Dear Owners ~
Please be advised that our plumbing repair has run into some problems.  Several of the necessary valves to correct the leaks are no longer functional and have/had to be replaced (this happens) and there is an additional, previously undetected, leak.  The largest problem is that the Main shut off valve (City) no longer works, which means we could not drain the system completely.
We have a solution, but it will require more time than had we not run into these added system failures.  We now expect water service to be reinstated around 11:00 p.m.
I do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your time and understanding.

Best ~

Gayle D. Connolly
General Manager
Catalina Condos by the Sea

Welcome – Condo Owners

Welcome to our new website.

You will be getting an email shortly from Catalina Condos by the Sea. It has details on how to log in to see restricted content for Condo Owners only.

We’re glad you are part of our “family”.